Airgloss Prosense


The first environmental monitor able to
detect and identify a wide range of indoor airborne pollutants, using Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition

 – Airgloss ProSense is designed for commercial and industrial applications (offices, meeting rooms and other public spaces such as workspaces and schools), where air quality influences occupants’ wellbeing and health, with a direct impact on performance and productivityCheck out other Clenzair products here.

Airgloss ProSense detects a wide range of airborne contaminants, including.

A cutting edge solution for healthier indoor environments, improved energy saving, comfort and productivity.

Does not rely on inaccurate self-calibrating technology

Multi-sense Technology

Airgloss designed a unique gas sensing technology for indoor environmental monitoring. A versatile solution, suited for new generation devices with the ability to detect a wide range of airborne contaminants and automatically control HVAC and air purification systems to improve indoor air quality, energy efficiency and providing healthier living spaces.


Web Dashboard

Airgloss devices are always within reach through real-time monitoring and control over one intuitive management platform, the single-point monitoring and control solution to increase your occupants comfort and health and optimize energy efficiency.

Mobile App

Airgloss app gives you access to all of the desktop dashboard’s features. Real-time monitoring of your indoor air quality, instant notifications, HVAC system and air purification management, all on your device, at the end of your fingertips.

Finding the Sources of Indoor Air Pollutants

Indoor spaces are constantly influenced by several factors, including air quality, temperature and humidity. Poor indoor environmental quality may have negative repercussions on health, comfort and productivity. Headaches along with irritation to eyes, nose and throat are among the most common symptoms caused by these conditions. Since, most time is spent indoors between home, work and other indoor spaces, monitoring environmental parameters and acting to counter negative effects, are key elements for correct home and building management.

Mold is primarily caused by moisture, excessive heating, and lack of ventilation, even though affected areas might not show visible signs

Paint, varnish, wall boards, ceiling tiles and pressed wood as well as other construction materials, may release harmful VOCs

Common household products e.g. cleaning fluids, disinfectants and aerosols also release potentially dangerous VOCs.

Fireplaces, stoves, and furnaces are among the most common sources of potentially harmful and toxic air pollutants.