Walleys Quarry Landfill

Thousands of residents are affected by the Noxious gases released by Walleys Quarry Landfill 

The Problem
For hundreds of households the terrible smell emanating from a landfill site near their homes in Staffordshire is affecting their health and lives. … Their nightly routine is to try to avoid headaches and being unable to sleep because of the stench, dubbed the Silverdale stink.

The Solution
A destratification fan with Needlepoint Bi-Polar Ionisation (NPBI) built in to it, installed in the loft and vented through a discreet ceiling grill and a fan speed controller positioned inside the airing cupboard

The Results
The unit is designed to be in operation 24/7 and the first night of it running was also the first night in over 2 years that Mr & Mrs Stringer slept for more than 4 hours consecutively without being woken by either the smell or their children crying because of the smell. Previously Mr & Mrs Stringer had always been woken up at 3AM due to the invasion of Land Fill Gas (LFG)

“We did an experiment where we shut the door to one of the bedrooms overnight and this morning, you could smell the gas in that room – within an hour of having the door open, the smell was gone. My husband says that the air feels “crisp” and it is rather refreshing. It has made a massive difference in less than 24 hours.”


Suzi Stringer – Homeowner

”A few weeks ago, I was approached by Clenzair Ltd. They had seen the news coverage on Whallys Quarry Landfill, located in Silverdale in Newcastle-under-Lyme, and the suffering caused by Hydrogen Sulphide and noxious landfill gases (LFG) to the local community. Clenzair specialise in NPBI, which stands for Needlepoint Bipolar Ionisation, a cutting edge, patented technology that has numerous applications around improving indoor air quality.

They reached out to me as I have a background in engineering and science; after reading their case studies it became apparent that the system might be able to improve our indoor air quality. They believed their system could help the residents living in proximity of Whallys Quarry Landfill. We agreed to a trial in our home as it is one of the closest houses to the landfill. The trial was to test whether the technology could eliminate the noxious gases from the indoor spaces in our homes. Over the last few weeks, we have tested the system in various positions and at various fan speeds. I wasn’t expecting too much as we have tried many air purification systems over the last few years. The results have been incredible, after just 24 hours I wrote to the company, thanking them for introducing my family to Clenzair. For the first time in over a year myself and my 1-year-old daughter slept through the night because there was no odour in the property – although outside was awful. The NPBI technology removes odours not only from the air but also from carpets, curtains and clothes and our children’s toys, which has been a big problem over the last few years. My husband commented “the air feels fresher” and we are truly enjoying having a respite from the constant barrage of H2S from the quarry. The results are very tangible, and last week as I left my property to take my youngest to nursery. The air inside our house was fresh and pleasant, but the brief walk to my car was disgusting. I could still smell the gases 2 miles away in my daughter’s nursery when we arrived.

The system uses no chemicals, produces no ozone and is used in the White House. It is safe for children and pets

We have a mountain to climb with the larger problem that is getting the Environment Agency (EA), Whalley’s Quarry, owned by Red Industries and the government to get the site under control, but in the meantime, we have an effective solution to the indoor air quality challenge, which gives us some much needed breathing space.”