Jonix Up In Air Purifier for Smoke

The Jonix UP IN air purifier for smoke, smell and viruses is the perfect solution for small spaces.

Designed originally for elevator air purification, the Jonix UP IN air purifier  is also suitable for environments such as fitting rooms, offices, bathrooms, waiting rooms and dressing rooms.  Tested against the actual SARS COV2 pathogen that causes COVID-19 providing users with a  99.99% inactivation rate. Check out other Clenzair products here.

Jonix Up In - Air Purifier for Smoke, Smells and Viruses

Due to the Jonix UP IN’s compact shape and its sanitising action, it can be used in many environments with reduced dimensions. It can be placed both on the ceiling and wall meaning even the smallest of spaces can be protected.

Jonix Up In Air Purifier Side View

Dimensions : (mm) 300 x 300 x 90 / (inch) 11.8 x 11.8 x 3.5
Weight kg: 4.5 
Air flow m3/h: 35 – 60 – 90 / (ft3/h) 1236 – 2118 – 317840
Max power absorption (W): 16 – 21 – 27
Power supply: 230 V / ~ 1/50 Hz
Built-in control electronics: device status also visible remotely
Type of Ventilation: From bottom to top


The Jonix UP IN air purifier for smoke, smell and viruses uses an advanced oxidation process for the decontamination of air induced by non-thermal plasma, also called cold plasma. Cold plasma is a physical phenomenon generated at room temperature.  Plasma is an ionized gas consisting of various electrically charged particles: ions, atoms and molecules of organic and chemical origin that collide with each other producing oxidizing species.

This air purifier for smoke and smells, cleansing air in the room in which it is located, also eliminating bacteria, mould and viruses present in crowded but also domestic environments. For this reason, the cube can be used in different sectors, creating the ideal conditions for the wellbeing of people using that environment. It has also been tested against SARS COV2 pathogen with 99.99% inactivation rate (4 log kill) ensuring you and the people around you are safe and protected. The Jonix UP IN is an ideal air purifier for smoke elimination as well as for asthma and allergy sufferers, delivering superior bacteria elimination in the air whilst restoring a clean smelling environment.


The Jonix Up In air purifier for smoke and viruses promotes well being by creating a safer environment for all . The Jonix Up In air purifier for lifts uses advanced technology called cold plasma to combat bacteria, mould and viruses found in the air. This creative, technological design dramatically reduces the risk of becoming ill, thus eliminating the risk of sick building syndrome. 

Pollution in the air affects the body’s ability to function efficiently in order to stay healthy. The Jonix Up In air purifier for smoke, smells and viruses expertly delivers ideal conditions for the body, guaranteeing better general health and well-being. The Jonix Up In is particularly useful for asthma and allergy sufferers, providing relief from bacteria and particles found in the air. 
The Jonix Up In provides peace of mind by supplying people with a safer, healthier environment. 

Thanks to its innovative technology, the Jonix Up In does not require additional filtering, making maintenance costs extremely low.

Clenzair Particle Reduction

Particle Reduction

The innovative design of the NPBI, ensures indoor air is purified by eliminating toxic particles and harmful bacteria, creating a safer, more protective environment

Clenzair Pathogen Reduction

Pathogen Reduction

During the ionisation process, ions dispersed by the unit disrupt pathogens found in the air by disrupting their surface proteins meaning they become inactive and no longer harmful

Clenzair Neutralise Odours

Neutralised Odours

The NPBI doesn’t just target harmful toxins and bacteria found in the air, it is also rids your environment of odours. The ions break down odours from chemicals, pets , cooking and other odours, transforming them into harmless compounds

Clenzair Energy Saving

Energy Saving

The technology reduces the amount of the air required from outside to keep indoor spaces clean and fresh, therefore lowering energy consumption, saving users on average 30% on their annual energy bills