Be At One – Birmingham site installs Clenzair air purification system

Be At One, the UK’s leading cocktail bar brand, has installed Clenzair in its Birmingham site.

One of the most popular bars in Birmingham and renowned for its party atmosphere and engaging customer experience, Be At One had to make various operational changes to become and maintain being COVID-secure. However, the team at Be At One were focussed on ensuring the customer experience was not impacted too much by extra cleaning regimes – Clenzair provided the perfect solution. A total of 6 Clenzair Fans were installed in the bar, covering the whole public area. The technology installed sanitises both the air and surfaces 24/7 eliminating 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. It runs 24 hours a day and is completely safe to use whilst people are present, with no Ozone produced or any bi-products. The primary concern when reopening after the lockdown were the safety and experience of the customers and staff! Research* conducted showed that 91% of brits would feel safer in premises that had the Clenzair technology installed. 76% of those surveyed said they were worried about hygiene safety when they return to the workplace. With Clenzair installed it allows Be At One to reassure both customers and staff upon returning they are in a safe and sanitary environment. “The safety of our customers and staff is paramount,” said Commercial Director, Suzanne Baker, “And we, like many other operators, are looking for efficient, effective methods that will enable us to tackle the challenges of maintaining the best possible clean and safe environment whilst balancing cost. The design works well in our bar and we have had nothing but good feedback so far, as we work to make our indoor settings as safe as being outdoors.” ‘’We were delighted to be a part of the project with Be At One – they are leading the way for indoor air quality with this innovative technology which is new to the UK market’’ said Bradley Watkins, Operations Director from Clenzair. The technology installed in the bar, although new to the UK, is already widely in use across the USA. It is installed in places such as The White House, Microsoft & Google headquarters, hospitals and airports. It has gone through rigorous testing for its effectiveness and safety and is deemed one of the safest, most effective air purification methods on the market. ‘’We believe the uptake of this technology will mirror that seen in the USA.’’ Said Luke Harris, CEO of Clenzair. ‘’with priorities in the UK now focusing on indoor air quality and the likes of Be At One are leading this uptake! ‘’ * Research conducted by Opinipoll in 2021 on a total of 1056 UK adults.

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