Clenzair Active Air Purification System Installed in Council Facilities!

Broxbourne Council is the first public organisation in the country to install Clenzair’s active air purification systems. The Council is installing systems into the gyms and fitness studios of the Laura Trott Leisure Centre and the John Warner Sports Centre, as well as both cafes at the centres and Scrambles soft play at the John Warner Sports Centre.

When Broxbourne council approached Clenzair to install Needlepoint Bipolar ionisation air purification into their leisure facilities we were delighted to be part of the project. We discussed with Broxbourne how what Clenzair offered was vastly different from other air purification systems on the market and the benefits of having an active system over a passive system.

Most air purification systems are passive, relying on pulling the air in the room through a filtration system, and cannot sanitise surfaces. Thus, making it difficult to ensure all air in the room has been sanitised. Clenzair being an active form of air purification it can neutralise a virus or bacteria suspended in the air or on any surface in the room, it is also safe to use whilst people are present meaning it can run 24/7. Making this active form of air purification the future of indoor air quality due to its superior abilities to clean the air in the whole room – This was a major consideration for Broxbourne, they wanted to ensure the technology they invested in was able to provide superior protection for both staff and customer’s long term.

Cllr Dee Hart, Cabinet Member for Leisure and Health, said ‘’Installing the new active filtration system will give members peace of mind regarding hygiene and cleanliness at the leisure centres. Once restrictions are lifted, the new systems will give members the opportunity to go back to more flexible gym use.’’

Installing the filtration systems at the facilities will mean the centre will be able to provide a safe environment for its customers and the equipment in the gym and studios will no longer rely on traditional spray disinfecting of equipment.

‘’We’re delighted that Broxbourne council have installed Clenzair air purification systems into two key public buildings! This technology is the future of indoor air quality. It can neutralise the virus at the point of transmission…. It doesn’t have to pull it through a filter or across a UV light!’’ Said Bradley Watkins, Director of Clenzair. ‘’Businesses and gyms should be able to operate with increased capacity and less down time for Covid cleans with this installed as it operates while people are present 24/7. We can’t wait to hear the feedback from Broxbourne and the users of the leisure and sports centres. ‘’

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