Clenzair joins Camden in it’s fight for ‘Clean air’ in the borough

‘ Air purification specialist Clenzair has joined The Camden Clean Air Initiative in its fight to increase the quality of air in the borough.

Camden became the first London borough to formally adopt the World Health Organisation’s air quality guidelines in 2008. The not for-profit organisation aims to tackle the scale of the air pollution crisis in London by creating a healthier sustainable future for its residents.

Clenzair is a nationwide provider of air quality systems in the UK and supports the CCAI in its quest to not only reduce vehicle emissions outside in the Borough but also the quality of air inside buildings in the borough. This includes industrial, commercial and residential spaces, offices, schools, healthcare facilities, hospitality and other community spaces in Camden.

Clenzair Partner Jani Moran said: “Clenzair decided to get involved with The Camden Clean Air Initiative as it is actively trying to increase the quality of the air in the borough and act as a voice for those who care about the area. We support its aims to achieve a vision for a cleaner Camden by championing borough-wide projects and policy change.

“Camden prides itself on being the creative heart of London and represents everything that is great about our capital city. It’s well known for its bustling market, popular bars, restaurants and café’s, and has something for everyone, so as soon as we heard about the air initiative, Clenzair wanted
to get involved.”

Clenzair use a range of air cleaning technologies including advanced Needlepoint Biopolar Ionisation (NPBI) from the USA. This helps improve air indoor quality by introducing air cleaning ions into the airstream that reduce particles suspended in the air or on a surface in the room.

NPBI has been tested in independent third-party laboratories and has been proven to neutralise Covid-19, as well as other pathogens such as MRSA, bird flu, swine flu, Ebola and E. Coli. This technology is also effective against odours, noxious gases, VOC’s, bacteria, smoke, mould and particulate matter including pollen and pet dander. 

With over 300,000 successful instillations worldwide, Clenzair have installed its NPBI technology in schools, care homes, shops, as well as bars, restaurant’s, hotels, gyms and more.’ 

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