Jerusalem Bar & Kitchen installs ground-breaking virus-killing air purification system in the fight against Coronavirus

In preparation for reopening its doors on Thursday 24 September, Jerusalem Bar & Kitchen in Fitzrovia has teamed up with Clenzair to introduce breakthrough technology in the fight to maintain a safe and sanitised environment amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The game-changing technology-advanced air purification system neutralises 99% of viruses and bacteria both in the air and on surfaces, creating a continuously, safe environment 24/7.

Owner Eric Yu said: “We take the wellbeing of our team and our customers very seriously and we wanted to find a solution that would safely remove viruses and bacteria from the air and from surfaces 24/7.

“When I heard about Clenzair, I was really impressed. It’s a very professional system which creates a fresh, virus-free zone making it is as safe inside as it is outdoors. For me, the best thing about it is that, unlike fogging, it is safe to use when staff and customers are present. We look forward to welcoming our customers back to Jerusalem on Thursday 24th and reassuring them that they can enjoy a drink and a bite to eat inside and feel completely protected in our Safe Zone.”

Luke Harris, CEO of Clenzair, said: “We’re delighted to have helped to turn Jerusalem into an official approved ‘Safe Zone’ by installing our Clenzair system. It means that they can reopen their doors to customers and reassure them that Jerusalem is a virus-free, bacteria-free zone, both in the air and on surfaces. The technology is game-changer for all businesses that have been impacted by the current pandemic.”

The system uses a patented advanced type of oxidation technology consisting of a destratification fan with a Photohydroionisation Cell (PHI) to remove airborne pollutants 24 hours a day, providing continuous air purification for both the air and surfaces, as well as neutralising those that have settled on surfaces. Research has found this type of air purification system to be effective in neutralising the smallest particles of bacteria and other contaminants, which could include everything from the common cold to MRSA, Norwalk Virus, Streptococcus, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Candida Albicans, and SARS and other Corona viruses[1].

[1] Research information can be found here

The active in-venue PHI fans rely on a complex chain of chemical reactions that ultimately lead to the production of ‘cleansing’ ions. Unlike fogging, no harmful chemicals are used as the process produces hydroperoxides – otherwise known as Mother Nature’s enviro-friendly cleaning agent, as they make the air smell fresh and clean after a thunderstorm.

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