Safest and Smartest Retail Store Opened in UK

Safest Store

The UK’s ‘safest’ retail shop has opened its doors at Westfield in Shepherds Bush today.

Situ Live debuted at Europe’s largest shopping centre as the country’s ‘first discovery playhouse’ offering Londoners a ‘revolutionary’ new type of retail experience.

The new retail venue promises to ‘reimagine the traditional commercial retail model’ by offering customers an ‘experience-led’ journey and hassle-free route to purchasing products.

Spanning 7,500 square feet, shoppers were able to peruse over 75 brands under one roof through Situ Live’s multiple vibrant lifestyle theatres meaning they could see them in action and try the latest products before they buy.

Visitors could save individual product information by simply scanning a QR code on their smartphones enabling them to purchase later at their leisure. 
London shoppers were able to get up close and personal with Maserati’s MC20 super sports car and enjoy hands-on gaming on the Oculus Quest 2 – all for free.

But Situ Live has also been described as the ‘safest shop in the UK’ as it provides one of the most ‘Covid safe’ environments for customers by using ‘anti-Covid’ air cleaning purifiers from Clenzair. Using Needlepoint Bipolar Ionisation (NPBI) technology, the shop has Clenzair fans installed into the ceilings which have been proven to kill coronavirus by laboratory tests.

The system, used in the The White House in Washington D.C., works by cleaning the air of harmful Covid-19 particles and deadly pathogens by introducing invisible air-cleaning ions into the airstream. Clenzair says it has tested the technology against the actual SARS-CoV-2 pathogen which causes COVID-19, and it provided a 99.9 per cent inactivation rate.

Bradley Watkins, director at Clenzair, said: “This technology does not rely on dragging the virus through the air to a filter and can kill Covid-19 at the point of transmission. Our aim is all about making the inside as safe as the outside so we’re delighted to be involved in this project. Thanks to this technology, Situ Live provides customers with that extra confidence that they are shopping in a safer environment.”

The shop also has a greeting system which monitors flow in and out of the venue in real-time, anti-microbial touch screen protectors, electrostatic cleaning systems, foaming hand sanitiser and footfall trackers.

The companies were brought together by SafePrem Solutions which works with businesses looking for safe and smart solutions. SafePrem co-founder, Andrew Busby, said: “Situ Live is genuinely a revolutionary and exciting new retail concept. As a result of us bringing together a select group of our partners who have innovative systems to protect customers from virus and bacteria, we believe that Situ Live also represents the UK’s safest retail venue.”

Warren Richmond, founder and CEO at Situ Live, said: “Situ Live is an interactive retail destination that promises to inspire, entertain, and educate consumers. But shopper safety remains our upmost priority, which is why we’re excited to be partnering with SmartPrem Solutions and Clenzair – 
Their revolutionary system doesn’t just clean the air, but constantly neutralises viruses and bacteria. This provides complete peace of mind to our visitors and staff at our Westfield London venue.”

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