Tiny Tots Dance School in Wyton is to reopen for classes as a virus-free zone!

21 September 2020


Tiny Tots Dance School in Wyton is to reopen for classes as a virus-free zone!

Children’s dance School, Tiny Tots Huntingdon, based in Wyton, has reopened as an approved virus-free, bacteria-free Safe Zone, thanks to local business Clenzair.

After months of closure following lockdown, the independent dance school for toddlers and pre-school aged children is able to reopen thanks to the instalment of a ground-breaking new air purification system.

Provided by Clenzair, based in Papworth Everard, the technology-advanced system kills 99% of viruses and bacteria in the air and on all surfaces, creating a continuously, safe and sanitised environment 24/7.

Tiny Tots is the brainchild of good friends and fellow dance teachers Amy Hutchison and Kelly Tyte. Having taught in a more formal dance school setting, the pair decided to team up and launch a dance school that would bridge the gap between parent and toddler classes and more formal dance lessons for children. The business has now been running for five years, and prior to this year, it was doing really well, with yoga and Active Sessions added to the popular dance classes.

Owner of the Huntingdon branch, Kelly Tyte, said: “It was heart-breaking to have to close the business down back in March when the country went into lockdown. Children love our classes and we, along with their parents, love to see their confidence grow as they learn how to twirl, leap and march in time with the music.

“I’m delighted that we are now able to reopen and, although we will have smaller classes (a maximum of nine children per class) to allow for social distancing, as an added reassurance for parents, we have invested in Clenzair’s fantastic new virus-killing system to ensure that our venue in Wyton is completely safe for everyone who visits.”

Kelly added: “When we heard about Clenzair, we were really impressed. It’s a very professional system which creates a fresh, virus-free and bacteria-free zone. It is safe to use when people are in the room and it was really quick to install. I would definitely recommend it to other business-owners.”

One parent commented: “We attended our first session at Tiny Tots this week since before lockdown. My daughter was so excited to return to her dance class and watching her enjoy herself was so lovely. The venue is perfect for enabling a group of children to dance safely together and the new Clenzair system that has been installed gave me complete peace of mind. I really felt comfortable knowing it was there, along with all the other procedures Tiny Tots has put in place to keep everybody safe. We’re so happy to be back dancing and would highly recommend Tiny Tots!”

Luke Harris, CEO of Clenzair, said: “We’re delighted to have helped to turn Tiny Tots Huntingdon into an official approved ‘Safe Zone’ by installing our Clenzair system. It means that they can reopen their doors to parents and children and reassure them that it is as safe to be indoors as it is outdoors.”

What makes Clenzair different, is that all other air purification systems are ‘Passive’. For a Passive system to kill a virus, it has to pull it through the air, crossing paths with people and objects before it can pass it through a filter where it may be removed.

Clenzair is ‘Active’. This means that it can kill a virus suspended in the air or on a surface wherever it is in the room. It produces completely harmless, naturally occurring cleansing ions, meaning it can be used constantly while people are present. No other product on the market can do this.

It can also save businesses thousands of pounds, because it circulates airflow and balances floor and ceiling temperatures, resulting in a significant reduction in energy consumption and improved comfort throughout the building.

For further information contact:


Nicki Dallison, Leisure PR,       E: [email protected] T: 07764 355189

Bradley Watkins, Clenzair       T: 01480 831010  W: https://clenzair.co.uk/


Editors Notes:

  • Clenzair is an air purification and odour control system which significantly improves indoor air quality (IAQ) reducing viruses, bacteria, gases, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), mould and odour by up to 99.99% whilst its advanced atmosphere oxidisation technology gives indoor environments fresh, clean and odour free air.
  • Clenzair uses breakthrough technology evidenced by the outstanding test results across the entire range of microbes
  • The system uses a patented advanced type of oxidation technology consisting of a destratification fan with a Photohydroionisation Cell (PHI) to remove airborne pollutants 24 hours a day, providing continuous air purification for both the air and surfaces, as well as neutralising those that have settled on surfaces. Research has found this type of air purification system to be effective in neutralising the smallest particles of bacteria and other contaminants, which could include everything from the common cold to MRSA, Norwalk Virus, Streptococcus, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Candida Albicans, and SARS and other Corona viruses[1].
  • The active in-venue PHI fans rely on a complex chain of chemical reactions that ultimately lead to the production of ‘cleansing’ ions. Unlike fogging, no harmful chemicals are used as the process produces hydroperoxides – otherwise known as Mother Nature’s enviro-friendly cleaning agent, as they make the air smell fresh and clean after a thunderstorm.
  • The small, discreet units are simple to install, with no ducting required and no ongoing maintenance needed. Running costs amount to less than £25 per annum per unit, making Clenzair ideal for any type of business. Hotels, pubs, bars and restaurants, retail outlets, gyms and leisure centres, care homes, hospitals, schools, hairdressers and cinemas could all benefit from the revolutionary technology.

[1] Research information can be found here https://www.clenzair.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Clenzair-PureAir-Supporting-Test-Data.pdf

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