NPBI Compact Mounted Antiviral Air Purifier

The NPBI Compact antiviral air purifier

is a 24VAC Compact Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Device with BMS Alarm. The NPBI air purifier for viruses has been tested against the SARS COV2 pathogen that causes COVID-19 providing a 99.9% inactivation rate. Check out other Clenzair products here.

Benefits of NPBI Compact Antiviral Air Purifier

The NPBI Compact antiviral air purifier is designed to be mounted inside of fan coil units, ductless mini-split units and air handlers up to 3,200 CFM or 8 tons. The superior design of the NPBI  compact makes it small and simple to use. The intention of the compact design is to provide users  with mounting flexibility and this model conveniently delivers multiple mounting options for installation.

Input Voltage: 24VAC
Power: 12 Watts
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Total Ion Output: >350M ions/cc/sec
Airflow Capacity: 0 – 3,200 CFM or 8 tons
Temperature/Humidity: -20° to 160°F / 0 – 100% RH
Unit Dimensions/Weight: 2.6”L x 1.9”H x 1.3”D / 0.23 lbs
Electric Approvals: UL
Compliance & Certifications: UL 2998, OSHPD Seismic (OSP), IAQP, CE
Alarm Contact Rating: 24VAC, 0.1A, N.O. “dry” contacts


The NBPI  – Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization technology works by efficiently emitting both positive (H+) and negative (O2-) ions. The ions encompass harmful pathogens and react as Hydroxyl (OH) radicals. This process removes hydrogen from the cell walls of microbes, therefore inactivating harmful pathogens at a cellular level. This process eliminates over 99.9% of bacteria, mould and viruses present in crowded but also domestic environments. The NBPI range  can be used in a variety of sectors and settings, creating healthier environments for the wellbeing of people.
It has also been tested against SARS COV2 pathogen, providing a 99.9% inactivation rate (4 log kill).


The NPBI Compact antiviral air purifier creates safer environments for all. The NPBI has been expertly designed to  eliminate odours and mould, neutralising bacteria and viruses found in the air. By incorporating a system that purifies the air around you, you dramatically reduce the risk of becoming ill, whilst also eliminating the risk of sick building syndrome. This antiviral air purifier provides people with the peace of mind they are in a safe environment to work or live in.
This product is so simple and compact and is designed to provide mounting flexibility for the user, meaning it’s application into your environment is both easy and effortless.

Clenzair Particle Reduction

Particle Reduction

The innovative design of the NPBI, ensures indoor air is purified by eliminating toxic particles and harmful bacteria, creating a safer, more protective environment

Clenzair Pathogen Reduction

Pathogen Reduction

During the ionisation process, ions dispersed by the unit disrupt pathogens found in the air by disrupting their surface proteins meaning they become inactive and no longer harmful

Clenzair Neutralise Odours

Neutralised Odours

The NPBI doesn’t just target harmful toxins and bacteria found in the air, it is also rids your environment of odours. The ions break down odours from chemicals, pets , cooking and other odours, transforming them into harmless compounds

Clenzair Energy Saving

Energy Saving

The technology reduces the amount of the air required from outside to keep indoor spaces clean and fresh, therefore lowering energy consumption, saving users on average 30% on their annual energy bills